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Rose Mothers Day Cards

I seen this idea floating around Facebook recently and thought it was perfect for a Mother's Day card. We decided to make this for great grandma and both grandmas.  

All you need to do to make beautiful rose cards is some celery hearts, paint and card.

Simply chop the celery hearts quite near the bottom. Set some paint out on a paper plate and then place the celery on top and stamp onto some card. I found that it's better to not have too much paint on the celery as it tends to smudge quite a bit. 

Oliver enjoyed stamping the celery but Jessica preferred to use a brush to paint it with. They both stamped away for ages. To add the green leaves all you need to do is take a piece of celery and simply stamp it onto some green paint.

This is a lovely homemade card that doesn't just have to be for Mother's Day, they would make a beautiful birthday card or valentines card. 

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