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Kids Unicorn Party

Are you hosting a unicorn party? Then I've got some fantastic and easy ways to inject some unicorn magic into your food.

Every summer I make a bucket list of ideas that we can do to fill the 6 week school break. When the first lockdown hit us in March 2020 I knew that a lockdown list would help beat the boredom and hopefully inspire us. Obviously we were very limited in what we could do so it included a lot of baking and a lot of crafting! One of the things that I included though was to have a party. My then eight year old said it was the best day she had in lockdown.

Lockdown three is hitting us hard, we are running on empty. So to create a little fun, I suggested hosting another party and my children could choose the theme. They decided on a unicorn theme which I was really excited about. Instantly I was thinking about adding sprinkles to everything!

Unicorn Party Treats

Every party needs treats, if you can't have a sugar rush at a children's party then when can you eh? Treats were the first thing that my nine year old asked about and she even had her own suggestions. 

Homemade Jazzies

I'm a big believer in getting the kids in the kitchen. These homemade jazzies are the perfect child activity, even toddlers can get involved. All you need is some white chocolate and some sprinkles. Let your child break up the chocolate bar into a bowl. Heat the bowl over some warm water or microwave slowly until melted. Using a medicine syringe, suck up the white chocolate and then empty onto a baking tray lined with kitchen foil. Then simply add the sprinkles. If your child struggles to use the medicine syringe then substitute for a teaspoon. Leave to dry for an hour or two (depending on how thick they are).

White Chocolate Unicorn Tails

If you have some leftover melted white chocolate then why not make unicorn tails? I bought some Cadbury white chocolate fingers for this but you could make these with breadsticks. Simply coat the end in melted chocolate and then dip into sprinkles. Allow to dry on some kitchen foil. 

Top Hats

These were a staple at parties I attended as a child and I absolutely love that they are requested by my children for any parties we've catered for at home. To make, all you need is some small cases, white chocolate (can you see a theme here!), marshmallows and some smarties. This is another activity that is great to get the kids involved in. Melt some white chocolate in a bowl and dip the bottom of a marshmallow into it, then add it to the small case. Add a very small drop of melted chocolate to the top of the marshmallow and then place a smartie on top. 

Unicorn Biscuits

If you want to go all out for your party then these unicorn biscuits are a must. They are really easy to create and an easy bake to get the kids involved. I use my Valentines Heart Biscuit Recipe as a base and then use ready to roll fondant icing to decorate. You can read the full blog post on how to make here.

Unicorn Horn Wafers

Out of all the treats that we made my children were most excited about this one. It is another very easy one to create with kids. All you need is some white chocolate, wafers and sprinkle. Melt some chocolate in a bowl and then cover the wafer in it but not too thick. I found it easier to scatter the sprinkles on a plate and then roll the wafer on it. Leave to dry on some kitchen foil. 

Unicorn Popcorn

To give your popcorn a unicorn makeover you only need a few items. I sprayed the popcorn with some Cake Decor Pink Glitter Spray, added some rainbow drops and a few millions. You could alternatively use food colouring to dye to get a more vibrant colour or add some coloured icing.

There are also some great shop bought items that fit the unicorn theme. I included some pink wafers and flumps. You could add some party rings, iced gems, jammie dodgers, pink pretzels, marshmallows or some pink sweets. 

Unicorn Fruit Platter

So I know fruit is not a treat but this platter is definitely sweet. I have a sharing platter that I got from Tesco with 6 different sections. I wanted to create a rainbow mane so I divided the rainbow into different colours. I included strawberries and raspberries in one section, melon and satsuma in the next section, followed by mango and pineapple, in the next section I included kiwi and blueberries then blackberries and grapes in the next section. For the center section I added greek yogurt then placed two cut grapes as eyes, two pieces of apple as ears and finally a wafer cone as a horn.

Unicorn Party Savoury Food

Heart or Star Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

All kids parties must include sandwiches right? To make your sandwiches fit the theme a bit better then why not use cookie cutters. I simply added some heart and star shaped sandwiches but obviously you can choose whatever cookie cutter you like. Using two different sizes of cookie cutters for your sandwich you can create a cut out effect. Simply cut a smaller heart/star from the top of the sandwich to display the contents. I found ham and cheese to be the easiest combination. Jam sandwiches would also work especially if you topped the cut out with sprinkles but I didn't offer this purely as there was enough sugar on the table!

Puff Pastry Cheese Twist Unicorn Horns

I had some puff pastry in the fridge that needed using up so I decided to make them into cheese twists. So yes I admit they are not quite like a unicorn horn but you get the idea. You can buy unicorn moulds from amazon but I just made without. Simply sprinkle grated cheese over half of the puff pastry sheet then fold over the top so both sides meet at the edge. Using a knife cut the pastry into strips. Simply twist from the top. Add your twists to a greased baking tray and bake for 12-15 minutes at 180C.

I also included some cocktail sausages, veggies with dip and crisps.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can create some unicorn food fun at your next party!

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