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Eat Out to Help Out FAQ

The government has launched the "Eat Out to Help Out" scheme to give the hospitality sector a boost during the month of August. The scheme offers 50% off your food and drink bill up to a maximum of £10 per person. Please find below frequently asked questions.

When can I use this discount?
The scheme is running during the month of August but only on Mondays-Wednesdays

Can the discount be applied on take away food?
No, this discount is for dine in food and drink only

How many times can I use the discount?
There are no limits, if you wanted to dine out three times a day then you are able to do so

Do I need a voucher?
No, the discount will be automatically taken off the bill for you at participating venues

Which restaurants/cafes/pubs are participating?
Most of the large national chains are taking part along with many independent restaurants and cafes. To search for a venue please click here

Can I use the discount on alcohol?
No, although the discount can be applied to soft drinks

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