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Present Wrapping with Instawrap

Jessica is obsessed with presents, well I don't blame her really. It's always nice to receive a present. She also loves picking out other people's presents and then decorating the wrapping paper! I'm too much of a control freak to let her wrap any presents, but that may be about to change!

We were lucky enough to try out some brilliant new gift wrap called Instawrap. This is a brand new product set to revolutionise the gift wrap industry. The paper contains a self adhesive glue, the same found on stamps, that allows you to lick the paper so it cuts out the need for sticky tape. It is 100% recyclable and comes in 4 gorgeous Christmas designs. 

It's such a genius but simple idea! We had lots of fun testing it out. Firstly I cut out some sheets for her and told her to choose some books to wrap. She absolutely loved this!! She instantly got right into it and found it so easy to lick the paper. The glue doesn't have any taste and is really no different to licking a stamp or envelope. She loved perfecting her corners then licking the paper to stick it down. Once she had wrapped each book she wanted to add a bow to each present. On the back of each sheet of paper is a handy how to guide and template for a bow. Again I cut them out for her but she did all the licking and sticking and made each bow. She was so precise about it's placement. 

She thoroughly enjoyed wrapping all the books and she did such a good job! I think I'll have a helper this year when it comes to wrapping presents! Instawrap is so easy to use and the creative options you can give yourself is only limited by your imagination. I can't wait to do my Christmas present wrapping this year!

To find out more about Instawrap and to buy your own click here

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