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Yumbox Review

What I love about baby led weaning (blw) is that it makes dining out with young children so much easier. You don't need to worry about heating jars of baby food or having to mash something up from the menu. Eating out with children is such a fantastic experience for them (you might not agree when they are screaming in a packed restaurant!) but it is building the foundations of a hugely important life skill from a young age.

One of the basic principles of blw is that your child eats what you eat but when dining out, sometimes that is not often practical. When eating out with a young child I would always bring my own food but this involved lots of different tubs hiding in my change bag that was highly unpractical. So I started researching lunch boxes and instantly I was attracted to the Yumbox. The Yumbox encourages healthy, well balanced meals that are the perfect size for young dinners.

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There are two different styles of Yumbox, the classic and the panino. The panino has one large section and 3 smaller sections while the classic has 6 small sections. I opted for the classic as I felt it was more appropriate for younger dinners. The classic 6 sections are designed to encourage a well balanced, varied diet with offerings from different food groups: dairy, fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. This is handily illustrated on the tray to reinforce the importance of a varied diet.

What I love about the Yumbox is that when sealed it is leak poof. You can safely pack yogurt, dips and fruit purees in the safe knowledge that they won't leak out of the Yumbox or leak into another compartment. Every section is sealed so you don't need to worry about soggy bread!

The Yumbox is the perfect size for a child's lunchbox. It's roughly 8.5 x 6 x 1.8 inches so fits in tote bags. If I've packed something that needs to stay chilled like yogurt you can easily fit the Yumbox in a tote bag with a few ice blocks and it keeps it lovely and chilled. The Yumbox is completely food safe as it is BPA free and contains no phthalates.

We are the proud owners of two Yumboxes, we have the older design and the newer design. The newer design has slightly bigger compartments so is great for my pre-schooler. They come in a variety of colours and the tray inserts can be changed or you can keep it clear.

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