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Food Strike and Teething

We have just come out of a horrible two week long eating nightmare. Initially I thought we had entered the "fussy" stage as he was refusing to eat his favourite foods, not trying new foods and generally living off yogurt for dinner. Most children do go through a fussy stage at some point and we have been previously battling it but this was on a different level.

Unsettled nights and a full blown cold then led me to think it might be teething. Lo and behold, 4 molars in the space of a week decided to make an appearance! 

This has been the biggest challenge I've come across since we started weaning. He literally wasn't eating a single thing at dinner time and this went on for days. His other meals didn't suffer as much so knew he was still getting something but I thought I would get some advice from a health visitor. 

So here I thought I would share some of my tips to help how to survive teething or a food strike. 

Firstly stay calm! It's easier said than done! If you start to get anxious then you will convey that anxiousness to your child.  

If you know it's teething, keep it soft. You don't need to revert to mash or purees but obviously don't offer anything that is going to aggravate sore gums. Try offering something cold like a homemade popsicle or smoothie. 

smoothie bowl

Try something new, if it's a sunny day try having a picnic outside. It might be enough to distract them. 

picnic outside

If your child is not eating try offering them their favourite things. If they don't want to eat their favourite then they are not likely to eat anything. 

Don't spend hours preparing meals if your child is on a food strike. Keep it simple. It's soul destroying when you spend ages preparing a meal for it only to be fed to the floor. 

tuna pasta

If your child is not eating big meals or seems to have a loss of appetite try offering smaller snacks throughout the day instead of 3 big conventional meals. 

During a food strike or teething it's really important to make sure that your child is still drinking. If your child stops drinking or stops having wet nappies it's really important to seek medical advice. 

Finally this is only temporary. It may seem like forever but it's not! There is light at the end of the tunnel, well until the next bout of teething!  Try not to make a big deal about it as you don't want any negative eating habits to appear permanently. Just persevere and try to continue as normal. 

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