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Dropping milk, snacks and portion sizes

I recently had a query about portion size via my Instagram page so thought I would touch on this a bit more. 

One of the things I love about blw is that your baby guides you - it's called baby led weaning for a reason. After starting blw it became apparent quick quickly that Oliver loved food. I mentioned in a previous blog post that he progressed very quickly. So with the quick progression became a lack of interest in milk. He was on four bottles a day when we started at 6 months old and by the time he was 9 months old this had dropped to two. He just lost interest in milk completely, the two bottle feeds during the day became such a battle that he ended up dropping them. As his love of food grew and subsequent drop in milk happened I decided to give him more food at each meal. It wasn't a case of just increasing the portion size, I wanted to make sure he was having a varied diet and he was getting enough vitamins and nutrients.  

Breakfast at 8 months

As he was having less than 15 ounces of milk a day I was concerned about the vitamins and nutrients he was missing out on. I consulted with a local health professional who advised me to increase his dairy offerings. This was something I was already doing and it was reassuring to know that by offering him a varried diet he was still getting all his essential vitamins and nutrients. I had his weight checked regularly and he continued to progress along the same centile line. 

We went down the path of offering extra at meal times but this could easily have been introduced as snack time instead. Introducing snacks into your child's routine is an individual parents decision. Some children can't get by without snacks as they need to eat little and often where as other children get by without snacks. When they start dropping milk they will guide you. As it turns out Oliver doesn't need snacks to see him through the day. He gets what he needs at each meal time. This is not set in stone though, during growth spurts or teething this can all go out the window and we rely on smaller meals and snacks. Just listen to your child and learn their cues. 

Yumbox at 9 months

Instagram is a great place for inspiration but try not to worry about how little or how much other people's children are eating, all children are different. If you are ever in doubt please contact a health professional. 

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